I'm not done/

I'm not done/2

I’m not done/2 was the second exhibition from I’m not done projects and took place at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects in September 2015. The exhibition became an evolving laboratory and a work in progress itself, starting with fragments of works from project curators Kathrin Bonnar and Cherelle Sappleton alongside invited guest artists Matthew Edwards and Patricia Pisanelli.

After staging an open call, with guest judge, Katie Guggenheim (Exhibitions and & Events Curator at Chisenhale Gallery), Bonnar and Sappleton then invited further creative practitioners to participate in the evolving exhibition. Practitioners selected were: Meg Ferguson, Katarina Strasser and duo Jane Frances Dunlop & Mira Loew. Through consecutive weeklong residencies participants added fragments of their outcomes to the existing installation; exploring and developing their practice independently, whilst also thinking about how this related to the collective and open environment I’m not done/2 created.

Compared to the game ‘Exquisite Corpse’ developed by surrealist artists, the exhibition became a constant evolving drawing in space, an individual mark becoming part of a collective, ever-changing whole.

Photographs courtesy of Matthew Edwards, unless otherwise stated.

For I’m not done/2 Kathrin Bonnar continued an on-going exploration that started from thoughts on representations of garments. The work explores notions concerned with the internal becoming external and the external becoming internal drawing on observations of, ideas about, and individual reactions to our ambivalent everyday relationship with garments.

Cherelle Sappleton used her time at Guest Projects to explore ideas of 'Blackness', beauty and gender in contrast to the proliferation of the white female body presented in mainstream media. She took inspiration from her mixed Afro-Caribbean and White European heritage, personal experience, Black Feminist issues and representations of the black female body using found footage and images, anthropological and vintage material.

For I’m not done/2 Matthew Edwards started to experiment with 3D printing. Working with a process relatively new to him, he explored the differing results that can be achieved through personalising and manipulating the already existing system; using inappropriate settings and aborting prints in progress.

Patricia Pisanelli worked with a project based on loose poetic themes that relate to ideas of ordering and arrangements. She started the project with an artist’s book listing over 30 undone works. The project has a central idea to create a formula and constantly break it – where elements of chance and control get subverted and confused.

Image by Mira Loew in collaboration with Jane Frances Dunlop.

Dunlop & Loew have been working on/towards/around generosity for several years now. During their residency as part of I’m not done/2, they proposed to work on the third installment of a series of video essays on the theme. Their process, and development engagements with the space, where documented in an online visual essay that expanded daily.

Behavioral Science says that when eating with friends, only the first person to order will get what they want – everyone else will order in response. For I’m not done/2, Meg Ferguson explored notions of hierarchy, performativity and belonging by responding to the work already in the gallery.

From the 18th - 25th September Katarina Strasser developed a body of work examining the shift from utility to futility and the idea of art as a vehicle that transforms/ makes/ shapes meaning. The subject was explored through a mixture of written, spoken, visual and performative languages.

I’m not done/2’s opening event included a live performance from audio/visual artist Sophie Mawson, who also collaborated with Meg Ferguson and Katarina Strasser through out their residencies.


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I'm not done/1

I’m not done/1 took place from 17th – 24th October 2014. The exhibition brought together artists Simon Barkworth, Kathrin Bonnar, Lee Broughall, Matthew Edwards, Pauline Emond, Holly Graham, Vicky Lyson, Bex Massey, Patricia Pisanelli, Cherelle Sappleton and Chris Stokes to exhibit unresolved works and concepts.

Taking place in Islington arts factory’s fascinating chapel space, the exhibition took the viewer closer to the intriguing processes an artist goes through before reaching a place of resolve, if this is ever possible.

Image by Chris Stokes